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foto: Eduardo Vessoni
foto: Eduardo Vessoni

MAWACA is a Brazilian group known for the interesting research and recreation of the music from all over the world. Mawaca singers perform in fifteen languages.

During its 23th year-career, Mawaca has produced six albums and a DVD. The newest album – “Rupestres Sonoros – A tribute to the people from the forest” presents indigenous songs from different regions of Amazonia. Rupestres Sonoros ranked 4th in World Music Charts Europe in August 2009, and has revealed a inner Brazil, undiscovered to most people. Always directed and produced by Magda Pucci, Mawaca has developed a solid career, and even with no support of the mainstream music industry, the band relies on sold out concerts and a faithful following audience in Brazil. Its main distinctive characteristic is the cultural plurality, always instigating the audience to the dialogue between antique and modern, west and east.

The band repertoire consists of new versions of songs from different traditions such as the Japanese and the African, from countries and regions as far from each other as Finland and Mexico and as the Iberian Peninsula, always establishing connections with Brazilian music elements.

Mawaca surprises all, both Brazilians and foreigners, for never before has an all Brazilian band been able to show the diversity of music from all over the globe with such flexibility and creativity.


(foto: Eduardo Vessoni)
foto: Eduardo Vessoni


What people say about us

“O Mawaca conseguiu extrapolar os rótulos, evitando o principal aspecto negativo do gênero world music mixture que é tentar embelezar tudo e universalizar todos os sons, compondo um pavilhão musical grotesco. Não é o caso do Mawaca. Eles transmitem a alegria de cada música, de uma maneira muito natural. Músicas de Portugal, Índia, Oriente Médio, Brasil e seus índios e Japão entrelaçam–se e viram uma música única, a música do Mawaca, com intenção e ambientação, típicas do grupo”. (Shini Onodera – crítico japonês) 


“Pesquisa feita com alta sensibilidade. Esta pode ser a melhor descrição para o octeto vocal paulistano em seu CD de estréia” (Luís Antonio Giron – Gazeta Mercantil)


“Mawaca junta sonoridades e estilos, com sensibilidade e imaginação” (Revista Bravo!)


“O Mawaca é o único grupo brasileiro que faz ‘world music’ de verdade em qualquer parte do mundo.” (Chico César – Cantor e Compositor Brasileiro)


“Este CD astrolabio tucupira.com brasil é uma emocionante aula de música brasileira e de vários cantos do mundo. Primoroso !! (Revista Miltons)


SONGLINES MAGAZINE – Review by Jill Turner – November 2009 **** ( Four stars)
“Percussion, minimal instrumental accompaniment, vocal chants, improvisations and ambient sounds are layered to create a musical tapestry which is primordial, ritualistic, bold and dramatic in nature. Polyphonic choirs congregate with global shaman to unleash the magical power of words and the hypnotic qualities of drums. The ceremonies begin, spirits evoked, the creator appeased and finally the world is brought back from an apocalyptic brink.

Sounding similar to a Philip Glass opera, the overall feel is one of a performance soundtrack to a contemporary dance piece perhaps, no surprise, given Mawaca’s sell out theatrical stage shows. For “Rupestres Sonoros”, their sixth studio album, they stay closer to their Sao Paulo home and gather songs and stories of the Kaxinawa, Surui, Gavião and the Wari people of Amazonia. 

Voices are used to create rhythm, singing in ancient languages with the addition of vocal improvisations, inspired by the rock carvings from Brazil’s archeological heritage. The “testimonies in stone that make us reflect on our human condition”, cites Magda Pucci, the group’s musical director and arranger, who successfully demonstrates that metaphysical questions remain the same irrespective of our time or place on the earth. ‘Tamota Moriore / Kokiriko no Bushi’ explores commonality between both Japanese and Brazilian customs. ‘Waiko Koman’ is the sound of chaos, the explosion that created the earth, knowledge held by the Suruí Meticulous research and a desire to pay homage to the indigenous people, sees Marlui Miranda lending her support with a vocal solo on ‘Matsã Kawa’. In addition to the music, there’s plenty to explore with the accompanying forty page illustrated booklet detailing musicians, the lyrics and background to each song plus references to the numerous field recordings and academic texts. Currently written in Portuguese this may change with a full international release”.


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