Meet the Mawaca

Pra todo canto Foto: Flavio Florido

Magda Pucci

Magda Pucci is a musician, singer, arranger, composer and researcher of various peoples’ music. She has graduated in Conducting (ECA- USP), and had taken her Master’s degree in Anthropology (PUC- São Paulo) and she is currently taking her PhD in Performance and Creative Arts at the University of Leiden in the Netherlands. She is the […]


Angélica Leutwiller

Angélica Leutwiller has graduated in Music from São Paulo State University (UNESP). She has been a member of the Symphonic Orchestra of São Paulo State (OSESP) Choir since 1994 and has been performing with Mawaca since 1997. She also has vocal and percussion duet, Fogueira das Rosas.  


Christina Guiçá

She is graduated in Music by the Faculdade de Belas Artes de Sao Paulo, Christina Guiçá acts as singer, actress, songwriter and guitarist since 1984. She participated in several plays and musical shows in Sao Paulo as Variações Sobre o Tema Hamlet de William Shakespeare; Acordes Celestinos; A Estrambótica Aventura da Música Caipira. She also […]


Cris Miguel

Cris Miguei has graduated in music from Parana State College. Experienced actress, accordionist, singer and dancer, she held a very successful TV show for children at São Paulo’s Public TV Channel (TV Cultura). She has recorded 80 TV programs and 13 shows in repertory in this company that acts throughout Brazil and abroad as Switzerland, […]


Zuzu Leiva

Zuzu Leiva has a degree in Social Communication from FAAP college in São Paulo, and is graduated from Macunaíma Drama School. As an actress, dancer and singer, she has had a wide range of experience that varies from TV, radio, publicity and stage. She acted in plays like Pericles, Prince of Tyre; Macbeth, The Lusiads, […]


Sandra Oak

Sandra Oakh has graduated in music from São Paulo State University (UNESP). She has specialized in children and baby musical education, including workshops and concerts for parents, educators and musicians in Brazil and Europe. She also studied popular singing at the Universidade Livre de Música for three years and participated in several musicals as an […]

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Rita Braga

Rita Braga has studied music at São Caetano do Sul city school of music. She has a consistent solo career in Jazz and Brazilian popular music. She has been with Mawaca since 2008. At age 15, she began singing in choirs in the ABC region of Sao Paulo and in Sao Paulo. She studied music […]


Ana Eliza Colomar

Ana Eliza Colomar has a Bachelor’s degree of Arts from São Paulo State University (USP). Ana Eliza completed her studies at São Paulo City School of Music where she studied cello, flute and harmony. Besides instrumental music, she has performed with various artists of the Brazilian music scenario. She has worked professionally in both classical […]


Armando Tibério

Armando Tibério began his career in 1975. He has studied at three of the best independent and public music schools of São Paulo. He has been with Mawaca since 1997 where he plays tablas, congas, tambourine and other percussion. He began his career in 1975, accompanying singers like Adilson Godoy, Olmir Stocker, Valdir da Fonseca, […]


Gabriel Levy

He is graduated in Art Education with a degree in Music by the Art Institute of UNESP, in 1997, Gabriel has an eclectic background both in classical music (as a pianist, conductor and arranger) and in popular music (as accordionist, keyboardist and composer). He studied classical piano, popular piano, choral conducting, and has participated in […]


Ramiro Marques

Ramiro Marques has performed as guest saxophonist at Symphonic Orchestra of São Paulo State (OSESP) at concerts, tours and recordings for the BIS label. He was also a member of São Paulo State Symphonic Band for 27 years. He has been with Mawaca since 1998. He studied at the Fundação das Artes de Sao Caetano […]


Valéria Zeidan

Valéria Zeidan has BA in Music from the Art Institute of São Paulo State University (UNESP). She has diverse musical activity acting as a vibraphonist. Percussionist, she has specilized in the study and performance of frame drums. She currently holds the position of counselor of one of the most important youth music education programs in […]

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