Mawaca gets ready to release its third DVD

MAWACA singers during the recording of the DVD ‘Ikebanas Musicais’, recorded in 2011, at Sesc Pinheiros

Ikebanas Musicais (Musical Ikebanas), the group’s third DVD, is a delicate DVD mixing Japanese songs from different styles and time with Brazilian elements, creating a delicate and engaging mixture. The repertoire features songs from Japanese folklore (min’yo), such as Soran Bushi, Hotaru Koi, Imayo, Oshogatsu, Kazoe Uta and Asadoya Yunta. Brazil also meets Japan in mergers with national songs as Akhoyte from Gavião (sparrow-hawk) Indians and Se essa rua fosse minha, classic Brazilian children’s songs.

Ikebana means making “living flowers” or “give more life to the flower”. The show Ikebanas Musicais was Inspired by this tradition of assembling harmonic floral arrangements offered to Buddha, the practice of Indian origin adopted by the Japanese.

The show relates this ancient art to the process of creating arrangements on traditional Japanese songs that results in constant dialogue between Brazil and Japan, whose combinations and variations of Japanese songs and scales are punctuated with some Brazilian modes, melodies and rhythms.

The script of this ikebana-concert, directed by Magda Pucci, musical director of Mawaca, is inspired by haiku about the seasons, stimulating the audience to get involved in the sights and sounds of each period of the year.

The show, recorded in June 2012 at Sesc Pinheiros, gave rise to this which is the third DVD. The DVD release event will be in November, at Auditório Ibirapuera, in Sao Paulo. Soon, detailed information on the concert can be found at Mawaca’s website.

Ikebanas Musicais has special participation of Tamie Kitahara on koto and shamisen, traditional Japanese instruments; taikos duo with Daniella and Deborah Shimada, Shen Ribeiro on shakuhachi.

The scenery of the show is set in the projections of drawings by the painter Erica Mizutani, mixed live by Ricardo Botini, with images of several facets of modern and ancient Japan with its contradictions and beauties. The costumes of the singers and musicians was signed by Jessica Vidal from Sala Nove.