Mawaca records DVD “Inquilinos do Mundo” (Tenants of the World) with Pekka Lehti production

Singers and musicians during recording of the DVD “Inquilinos do Mundo”

In August, Mawaca entered the studio to record their fourth DVD, Inquilinos do Mundo (Tenants of the World), produced by Pekka Lehti, ex-Varttina musician

Nomadism is the theme of this new work, a tribute to the stylistic diversity of nomads, gypsies, refugees and everyone that, for whatever reason, are in constant motion and carry in the memory songs from here and there.

Magda Pucci, Mawaca musical director, selected a repertoire that is a panorama of these moving songs. One of them is Pundela that comes from of songs from Rajasthan, one of the possible place of origin of the Gypsy people. Macedonia cannot be missed! So, Mawaca recorded new versions of the emblematic melodies as Na Khelav and Chaje Shukarije; Transylvania is represented by Dumbala, a lautari Hungarian song; and the exhilarating Serbian melody Kaladiszko Kolo from Montenegro. And more, there is the Mexican frontier tune Arenita Azul and the Haitian hymn, Maya Gaye to mention the people that has being refugee or exiled.

Known for merging styles that gather in the same track sounds of the world and Brazilian music, Mawaca also recorded the Siete modos de guisar las berenjenas (Seven ways to cook eggplants), a gastronomic Sephardic song and Min Berya, Kurdistan music mixed with Grande Poder composed by Mestre Verdelinho.

Recorded in the NaCena Studio and expected to be released in 2013, the DVD had as special guests, the singer Marcelo Preto , Thomas Howard (Spanish guitar), and the musician and actor Sergio Serrano as special guests.