See video with exclusive footage of the new children’s show of Mawaca

With scenery and puppets created by the Núcleo Fora da Ordem, the Mawaca has debuted their new children’s show, the show “Pelo mundo com o Mawaca” (Around the world with Mawaca).

In this work, the group invites children for a great trip to several places of the world such as France, Albania, Tanzania, India, Portugal, Israel and Brazil, thus creating a real network of sounds and stories that intertwine throughout the show.

Realizing the interest and presence of children in many shows, the music director of the Mawaca, Magda Pucci had created this new show dedicated especially to children.

As if traveling the world, singing songs align with stories or comments concerning the various contexts that arise from this multifaceted musical repertoire.

From the French medieval song D’ous viens tu bergère? to the lively Eh Boi! from northern Brazil, the group walks through themes like a song in Swahili, Portuguese dance, indigenous cannibalistic singing and prayer to the goddess Kali (an Hebrew circular dance which shows a great cultural diversity). ‘Pelo mundo com o Mawaca’ offers a range of sonic possibilities and multicultural songs that entertain the child audience.

The new show has scenic direction by Wanderley Piras (Pia Fraus e Cia. da Tribo) and props, sets and puppets made by Núcleo Fora da Ordem that provoke playful and fun moments and interaction with children.

See the video of the show ‘Pelo mundo com o Mawaca’: