Documentary ‘Songs of the forest’ shows Mawaca’s tour to Amazonia (2011)

Songs of the Forest is a documentary about Mawaca’s tour through Amazonia.

In August 2011 the musicians of MAWACA met six different indigenous peoples: Paiter Suruí, Karitiana and Ikolen Gavião from Rondônia; Kambeba and Comunidade Bayaroá from Amazonas and Kaxinawa-Huni-Kuin from Acre.

On one day, they had workshops, playing and singing together and, on the following day, they performed together, on the same stage. A real musical gathering! This project is based in the album – Rupestres Sonoros that presents indigenous songs from different regions of Amazonia.

The album ranked the Top 5 of the World Music Charts Europe in August 2009 and has revealed an “inner” Brazil that is undiscovered to most people. Submitted for IMZ World Music Film Screening at WOMEX 2012

Genre: Documentary
Production Company: Ethos Produtora de Arte e Cultura (Brazil)
Executive Producer: Magda Pucci
Associated Producer: Petrobras
TV Director, Camera, Editor: Eduardo Pimenta
Authors: Eduardo Pimenta and Magda Pucci
Source video/audio: HD/Stereo
Recorded: Brazil, 2011
Duration: 26′ 07