CD: astrolabio . tucupira . com . brasil

In their second CD, Mawaca brings the relationship between the Iberian and the Brazilian music, the influence of East on the West, the communion between the sacred and the profane, street festivals, the corners Anthropophagic Indian and Japanese immigration, Italian and Jewish, the Mawaca reveals deep in Brazilian culture.

In the repertoire, the congados from the interior of São Paulo, the songs of the Brazilian slave-african festival of drums, the religious melodies from the Portuguese areas mixed with the of bumba-meu-boi and songs from the churches in Minas Gerais; the litany of pastors united the melody of a Gregorian chant, a song of Iansã and a new version of the Cirandeiro.
The CD has the participation of Portuguese singer Né Ladeiras, the bass Celio Barros, Tião Carvalho and the group of percussion Meninos do Morumbi.

The astrolabe was the instrument that made posible travellers find their routes, as the Internet is now, a way to connect to the world, mixing the sounds. Mawaca searches the imaginary beings like the Curupira fantastic being from the forest. Mawaca searches for the spices to connect Brazilian music to the world.