CD-DVD: Inquilinos do Mundo

Mawaca had released their seventh group project, the CD-DVD Inquilinos do Mundo (Dwellers of the World) featuring melodies and rhythms of nomads, refugees, exiles and gypsies from all over the world.

Songs from Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Spain, India, Mexico, Haiti that were stored in memory as true sound reliquaries.

'Inquilinos do Mundo' is one of the most audacious productions of Mawaca. It was recorded live at Studio NaCena in Sao Paulo, featured the musical production of the Finnish musician Pekka Lehti, it was mixed and mastered at Finnvox in Finland, and the images of the DVD were directed by Olindo Estevam from Paiol Filmes always with the musical direction of Magda Pucci.

The recording of Inquilinos do Mundo had the participation of the musicians Thomas Howard (guitar), Leo Sideratos (Greek bouzouki), Beto Angerosa (percussion), Sergio Serrano (spoons) and Marcelo Pretto (voice).